Friday, April 30, 2010

Wishing for better news

Well the CAT scan didn't show anything that would explain why mom isn't really getting better, which is very disappointing. The only thing they did see was fluid starting to enter her lungs, which isn't good because her lungs were clear up until last night. All my current info is coming from Nick because I'm back in Muskegon for a few days to run back and forth to Ludington to take care of things up there. We were really praying for something to show up on the scan. The longer things don't get better the more the doctors don't seem so positive. I'm not a downer and mom has fought this hard, but please pray extra hard the next few days because there still hasn't been stable improvements. The hardest things for us is that it just happened out of nowhere and it is so bizarre. I'm one who likes closure or reasons why things at least happened and we don't really have a grasp on either. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and for caring about my mom so much! I know she has affected so many people!:) More later...



  1. Hi Kate & Nick too...just to let you know we are still here..Lahna, Erika and Betty Lou and families. Still circling with prayer around your mom and yourselves. We have our network of people that are agreeing with us too for the tide to turn so she can heal.

    With love and concern,

  2. MY prayers are with you all. Know the Lord is watching over her and will always be by her side.

    Love and prayers,
    Lorrie McKay

  3. Hi Kate & Nick,

    I grew up in Ludington and at Community Church. Your mom is closer in age to my sister, but I sure remember her...such a sweet person who always had a smile and a kind word! I am praying for your mom...that God's healing touch restores her to health...and for you also, that you feel the comfort and peace that only God can give.

    Wendy (Mars) Medlin