Thursday, May 6, 2010

Service info

Wow! The outpour of support in mom's memory has been amazing! We appreciate all of you a lot and thank you all for the offers to help us out in any way. I wanted to post the memorial info for mom:

Saturday, May 15
United Methodist Church in Ludington
Visitation- 10-11:30 am
Service- 11:30 am and a luncheon immediately following

Everything is for the public and we know mom would love to have all ages feeling free to attend. In leiu of flowers we ask for donations in her name to be given to the Ludington Library's "Just Imagine" Building Fund.

Thanks so much! We are so pleased to know we all are so loved!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Long live the queen...

Today is a very sad day. Mom passed about an hour ago. Her heart couldn't take it any longer. Thanks you all for all your support, prayers and love. We are all still in shock and will be for a while. I guess she's where God wanted her to be and I'm at peace with that. We will keep you all posted on what's next. Thank you all again for everything. My mom will always be a class act and a great person. Long live the "Queen!":) I love you, mom!


The real reality at this point

Thanks for all the support everyone. I'm sitting in mom's room right now and things are not looking very good. My aunt is coming down today and we will discuss things in greater detail then. We want to thank everyone for everything... cards, flowers, prayers, etc. Mom has some very special people in her life and how lucky she is!!! Nick and I have a wonderful mom who has done SO much for us, I can't even start to explain how lucky we are, too!:) It's in God's hands now and we just want what's best for mom now. I'm just glad she's not in pain and they said that her brain still wasn't harmed and that makes me feel so much better. I pray for her to find peace however SHE sees fit and if it is time for her to let go, we are OK with that and won't ever be mad at her for not "fighting hard enough." We love her and know all of you do, too. Thanks again for everything everyone of you have done so far for my mom. We are grateful to have you all in our lives!!:)


Friday, April 30, 2010

Comments troubleshooting

I have beEn told that it's hard to comment on the blog because you need my email address, too? Well my email for this is Please feel free to comment!:) Sorry about that.


Wishing for better news

Well the CAT scan didn't show anything that would explain why mom isn't really getting better, which is very disappointing. The only thing they did see was fluid starting to enter her lungs, which isn't good because her lungs were clear up until last night. All my current info is coming from Nick because I'm back in Muskegon for a few days to run back and forth to Ludington to take care of things up there. We were really praying for something to show up on the scan. The longer things don't get better the more the doctors don't seem so positive. I'm not a downer and mom has fought this hard, but please pray extra hard the next few days because there still hasn't been stable improvements. The hardest things for us is that it just happened out of nowhere and it is so bizarre. I'm one who likes closure or reasons why things at least happened and we don't really have a grasp on either. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and for caring about my mom so much! I know she has affected so many people!:) More later...


Thursday, April 29, 2010

As of Thursday morning...

We didn't have the greatest if days yesterday. There's still a lot of fluid compressing her belly and what not. Nick did talk to the nurses this morning and they did say they took off some fluid through dialysis, actually they were taking more than they thought and mom's bp was supporting itself with less pressers. That's decent news. I just hate the emotional rollercoasterof it all. Good news, then not so good, etc. The head doctor said there's a slight chance there may be an infection in her belly that's causing the fluid to stick around, so we consented to have him do a CAT scan to check it out. Sort risky since they have to transport her on the vent and dialysis, but she made it to xray to get the dialysis put in, so I'm hopeful this will be just as successful. That's about it for now. Thanks to all who have started sending cards and flowers. We aren't out of the woods yet, but we continue to press on! Thanks so much.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dialysis has begun

Dialysis has been started. It was a lot harder to start because of all the fluid build up in mom's body and they had to take her down to use an ultrasound to guide the process. She has gained a lot of fluid weight and we need dialysis to start pulling that off. The next few days will be crucial because they need her bp to become stable without the help of some many pressers and they need to detect signs of the bad fluid coming out with the help of dialysis. Please pray because if there are no real changes, we aren't really sure what would be next... We are just turning over the whole thing to God and the doctors because there's nothing we can do. Thanks for all the support. I'll will keep everyone posted on things.