Sunday, April 25, 2010

I hate to say it, but UofM is amazing!

I cannot believe how smart the people at U of M are and that's coming from a MSU fan!:)

First off, she's getting GREAT care and attention. A lot of one on one and she has her own nurse. I'm amazed. She's on a vent and doing some breathing on her own. There are tubes making sure the blood is draining out from where it shouldn't be. They say there's bacteria in her blood and that it probably started from somewhere in her colon because her colon was already compromised due to her Crohn's. Her blood cell counts are rising and her liver levels are improving, everything is going slow, but in the better directions. The biggest concern is her clotting issues. They are trying to get her to be able to clot, so they can scope to see what might be going on. We are still waiting for virual/fungal lab results, but since the lab here does everything, results come back a lot faster. They have been giving her blood and they said when they check the levels later it doesn't seem to be dropping, so if there is bleeding internaling, it seems to be getting more under control otherwise they levels wouldn't be rising, they'd either be the same before the blood was given or even lower. She pretty out of it due to the vent and other tubes, but they say she can hear us, so it's because of the hospital's sedation not because she's unconscious from something bad.

There are so many terms and names of meds that are getting thrown at us, so I'm trying to keep everything in order in my brain. Hopefully I'm making sense to all of you and keeping it all in terms we all can understand!:) Keep the prayers coming and please let others know about the blog because I know a lot are concerned and I can't contact most of them. More to come soon, but know she is in very good hands here! Thanks so much!



  1. Kate, thanks so much for the update. Please know your mom, you and Nick are all in my prayers. Hang in there, sister!

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  3., Nick, your Mom and the medical team are all in our prayers! Many blessings to you!! -Kari and Chad Thoreson

  4. I am thinking about you and your family. It sounds like she's getting good care at U of M.

  5. Kate, I am keeping your mom in my prayers. She is in great hands at U of M.(Go Blue!!) Thank you for keeping the Foster staff posted.


  6. Thank you for the updates on your mom, Kate! A lot of people are praying for her! If you can, give her a big hug from Mikayla and Breanna (and me too!).

    Kim Mesyar