Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, sunny and a poop bug!

Well, it's a "poop bug" as the doctor said referring to the bacteria. He had a name for it, but if you think I can't pronounce it let alone spell it, but they have a name and it started in her gut. I guess some people take to the antibiotic for it and some don't as much, so between to doctors and the pathologists, cultures of the bacteria and samples of different antibiotics are being tested to see which med will fit the best. It's all so confusing!! She has been given loads of fluids for different reasons and yet she still isn't urinating like they'd like, so they may start dialysis for a few days to pull some of the liquid out in order for her blood vessels to stop letting the fluids seep out. As soon as some of the fluids pass through her system, we are hoping that the vessels will be able to take on a normal amount of fluid to keep things in line. She's still on a pressed to keep her blood pressure up and they continue to give her less of those and her heart, right now seems to be reacting well. The random internal bleeding seems to be slowing down and she's using the vent still and it's working at a level of 30% for her which is better than when see got here. Like I said before, it's septic shock and in order for things to get under control, they need to kill the bacteria first. She is still unconscious and we are waiting for her to wake up. She's not sedated, but the sedation they used when she got here can take a while to clear out. Still very sick and we are just waiting for them to find the right balance of things. We've seen at least 5 different docs from different specific departments, so we know we are in good hands!

I have posted her room info in the previous blog and mom's good friend Don also commented and gave the full address. Thanks, Don. I will probably be back in Muskegon for a night or two starting Thursday, so I'll be easier to reacher then. Thanks so much for all the support and as my friend Dutch said, prayer is a powerful thing and I'm trusting in it to find the answers we need as well as answers for a lot of our other family and friends who are going some rougher times. Until then, my glass is still half full. Thanks so much.


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  1. Katie-
    We are lifting your mother in prayer and are sure confident she will be better soon. In the mean time we also are thinking of you and your brother.
    Many Blessings-
    Megan Maltbie (Erin and Julia as well)