Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Monday and sunny... A good sign?

Back at the hospital and the nurses and doctors have said that she's about the same this morning, but her levels are a tiny bit better. Better is better than worse!:) Her blood clotting is still an issues and they started her on some yellowish plasma which is supposed to put more protein in to help it clot better. I tell you, I could totally be a doctor without going to medical school just from being here and learning all the lingo and what not. My friend Daryl would be proud!:)

Nick and I just left for lunch (the cafe here IS great for all those who told me about it) and we are trying to take breaks from being in the room because we start to fester on things and overanalyze, which can drive anyone crazy. It's just hard because you feel so helpless, so we keep reminding ourselves that the move to UofM was helping. She's in great hands and everyones support has also been uplifting for us.

Nick can tend to get a bit anxious and as a good social working sister I've been trying to keep him calm because then I'm more calm. So, we continue to wait. If nothing else, I've been curing my boredom with people watching and there are all kinds of characters here!:) And I'll keep my comments about the doctors to a minimum, but there are some decent looking fellas up in here!:)

More later...



  1. U of M was a good move. We will remain in prayer for your mom. Your waiting in the hospital room observations so ring a bell with me except for the good looking doctor part. I'm too old and most of them looked to be about 18 years old! Bethany was probably right with you on that one though.

  2. Kate and Nick,
    We will keep you all in our prayers. Say Hi to Nene for me. Please post her address so we can send a card.

  3. Yes, please give us an address!